Deerwood Fire Department

Serving the City of Deerwood, Deerwood Twp, Bay Lake Twp and East Rabbit Lake Twp.


Established in 1910, the fire department continues to proudly serve the public with the addition of rescue services to the duties of it's heritage. The department is staffed by 21 paid on call firefighters and 3 volunteer apprentice members. The fire station is located in Deerwood at 23786 Serpent Road. The fire department currently covers approx. 76 square miles in its primary response area.


  • Chief: Mike Bodle
  • Asst. Chief: Tom Nixon
  • Captains: Paul Anderson, Jay Godfrey, Jason Holmvig, Andy Holmes
  • Lieutenants: Jerry Hutchison, Dave Boeckermann, Steve Perpich, Mark Taylor



The Deerwood Fire Dept. is equipped and trained for Fire and Rescue emergencies. With an average of 850 hours of training annually the department is ready and equipped for structural and wildland fires, auto extrication, water and ice rescue, Hazmat incidents and wildland rescue.

The DFD in conjunction with the Deerwood Fireman's Relief Association has several events throughout the year.

  • Deerwood Fire Summerfest 5k
  • Deerwood Fireman's Relief Turkey Bingo (the Monday before Thanksgiving 7:00pm)
  • Pull Tabs and Raffles



Primary Response Area:  76 sq miles                               # of Reported Fire Deaths: 0

Avg. Calls Per Year:  50                                                     Average Time to Enroute: 5minutes

Calls in 2010:                                                                    Max cumulative GPM of water: 4275

Calls in 2009:                                                                    # of FFII certified or higher: 15











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