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City of Deerwood Minnesota
The City of Deerwood Minnesota is situated among the lakes and hardwood forests of the Cuyuna Range.  It is noted for its heritage and rural charm. We invite you to see what Deerwood has to offer for your next vacation, business trip or new place to call home. There are also incentives to help with starting your business here. We look forward to seeing you.  Until then, we hope this site will answer your questions and give a snapshot of the City of Deerwood.
In the event of an emergency call 911. All non-emergency calls can be made to the clerk's office (218) 534-3152 or directly to the department you need.  Civil defense sirens are tested the first Wednesday of the month at 1:00 pm. All other sirens are for fires, severe weather or other emergencies. You would need to check with news broadcasting for updates. The Deerwood Auditorium located at 23770 Forest Road is the local storm shelter. It is staffed at those times by the fire department.
With a population of 532, the City of Deerwood is defined by a three square mile area with several lakes providing recreation and beauty. Deerwood's city departments include the City Clerk/Administration, public works, police and fire. We have a playground, swimming beach, ball field, Depot picnic area and the Deerwood Auditorium. The historic auditorium's exterior was recently renovated and the building is available to rent for your event. Call the clerk's office to check on availability.
Formerly known as Withington (1871-1881), the area found it’s name being confused with Worthington in southern Minnesota. Since it was known for it’s whitetail deer population,  Deerwood was deemed an appropriate name for our community.  The post office was then established for the Village of Deerwood. With help from the Railroad Aid bill of 1857 and the Homestead Act of 1862, this area became enticing and accessible to those who wished to receive their 160 acres in return for living on and farming the land for five years. The closing cost of only $18 was an added incentive. The area boomed as the Northern Pacific Railroad forged through this area with an expansion from Carlton to Brainerd. The first depot was built in 1871. As more settlers arrived, the Village grew and gave birth to the Cuyuna Range. Cuyler Adams of Deerwood discovered the iron ore that started the mining boom. In 1909 the village petitioned to be recognized as an organized city.
On a record of business listings in 1913 there were over 100 businesses accommodating all the needs of the citizens. In early 1933, the local paper, the Deerwood Enterprise, began a public discussion on the need for a community building to exemplify the pride of the area citizens. In December 1934, Beriah MaGoffin Jr. donated all of the material from the old Meacham mine machine building to be used to construct the Deerwood Auditorium.  He also started a building fund with his $500 donation.  In 1935, construction began with the help of the WPA and local talent. The estimated amount of field stones needed was 800 tons which came from the grounds of what is now known as the Cuyuna Country Club. In 1936, work was completed offering a multi-purpose hall with balconies to seat 500.  It housed the village council chambers, kitchen, locker rooms,  library and the village fire apparatus. In 2010, the most recent renovations occurred. Those repairs allowed the building to retain its historic appearance.
Deerwood owns and operates the Deerwood - Skandia Cemetery.  Due to a recent expansion, there are many lots available.  Please contact the City Clerk's office for further information.

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