City Council

Council Agendas

Agenda for 02-03-2014 Agenda for 02-03-2014.docx
Agenda for 01-06-2014 Agenda for 01-06-2014.docx
Ageda for 12-02-2013 Agenda for 12-02-2013.docx
Agenda for 11-04-2013 Agenda for 11-04-2013.docx
Agenda for 10-07-2013 Agenda for 10-07-2013.docx

Council Minutes

Council Minutes 01-13-2014 Minutes 01-13-2014 .doc
Council Minutes 12-02-2013 Minutes 12-02-2013 .doc
Council Minutes 11-04-2013 Minutes 11-04-2013 .doc
Council Minutes 10-07-2013 Minutes 10-07-2013 .doc
Council Minutes 09-16-2013 Minutes 09-16-2013 .doc

City Council

The Deerwood City Council is composed of a Mayor and 4 council persons. The Mayor is a two year term and the council seats are 4 year terms with two seats staggered by 2 years so all are not up at the same time.  The council meets in the Historic Deerwood Auditorium at 6:00 pm the 1st Monday of each month and on the 3rd Monday as needed. If you wish to address the Council, please contact the City Clerk to be put on the agenda - 218-534-3152 or
Mayor - Michael Aulie - 763-498-2997
Council person - Debby Leonard - 218-534-9274
Council person - Jeremy Millsop - 218-851-2676
Council person - John Taylor - 218-534-3480
Council person - Eric Ostrowski - 218-838-8952


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