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At the August 24, 2015 Deerwood City Council Meeting, the Council voted to discontinue the recycling program.  This was due to a number of factors including cost of the program and abuse.  (People were leaving styrofoam, televisions, strollers, etc.)  To recycle your items in the future, please go to the Crow Wing County Landfill.  


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At the July 20, 2015 regular city council meeting, the Council voted unanimously to go to mail in ballots for the City of Deerwood.  This is allowed in towns with less than 400 registered voters.  One of the determining factors in the decision was the cost of new voting equipment that the city would have to purchase in 2016.  The cost is near $9,000.  This will also eliminate the cost of election judges during an election.  

This document came from Crow Wing County and was included in everyone's Property Tax Statements.  It is a great tool to help understand how your property tax is calculated. 

The Deerwood Auditorium has undergone some recent renovation. Both bathrooms in the front of the building have been updated and are now handicapped accessible.  Also installed are hand air dryers which are sanitary and save paper. The baby changers in both restrooms are handy as well.

This is a memo that was mailed to all grinder station owners on April 21, 2015

Effective April 1, 2014, payments for water and sewer will no longer be accepted at the Deerwood Bank.  This change comes from suggestion of the City Auditor who states that all payments must be made at City Hall.  Thank you for your understanding.

The City Council recently renamed the City Park "SKONE PARK" which was donated by Terry Skone.
The park is in memory of Skone's parents.
Terry also generously donated the granite sign to the city.

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